Hey. I’m Patience.

Light lover, Christ follower, avid traveler, and coffee obsessive.

I’ve been passionate about photography and films since I was twelve years old, and adore the way light and shadows come together to tell authentic and hopeful stories. I graduated high school at seventeen, and since then have been charging full speed toward a full time career of telling stories of love, light, and hope through two of the most powerful art forms in the world: photography and films.

In my spare time I take long naps,run half marathons, stalk thrift shops and binge watch humanitarian documentaries on Netflix.

My dream is to some day take my work on the road full time, in a VW camper bus and book jobs all over the country and the world. I’m one of those hearts that’s fully content but never quite settled. And when I have a family of my own, we’ll live in a tiny cabin and take the world by airstream. But for now I’m here in the big Texas hill country, and we’ll see how God decides to marvelously write my little story. Tomorrow is a blank page and I’m ready for anything.

Living in pursuit of my great God and the real and stunning stories that he writes. So shoot me an email and let’s be friends. I’d love to chat and brainstorm ways we can use art to make the world a little bit brighter.