We’re Patience & Nathan.

Coffee addicts, Jesus freaks, travel enthusiasts, and lovers of a good story.

I (Patience) have been passionate about photography and films since I was twelve years old, and adore the way light and shadows come together to tell authentic and hopeful stories. I quickly graduated from my mom blogger’s point and shoot, to my own DSLR and a series of lenses, and since then have been charging full speed toward a career full of telling stories of love, light, and hope through two of the most powerful art forms in the world: photography and films.

Nathan is the book enthusiast, resident extrovert, business major, and marketing nerd. He had always had an interest in photography and became the other half of The Brightness Project Photography + Films in 2019, a few months after we tied the knot. He’s the one that keeps the wheels turning, keeps the bank book balanced, and captures the second perspective on our photoshoots. Whether we’re shooting together, or off on our own adventures, we do everything together as a team.

We believe art matters, and adore finding ways to infuse our work with depth, light, and unique design. We believe life is too short to simply have photos of how a moment looked, but portraits should be filled with soul and wedding galleries should capture how every moment felt.

We’re in love with people we’ve never met and places we’ve never been. But for now we call home Wichita, Kansas, and can’ t wait to see how God decides to marvelously write our little story. Tomorrow is a blank page and we’re ready for anything.

Your story is beautiful, valuable, and worthy of being captured in all its wonder. We’d love to chat and brainstorm ways we can use art to make the world a little bit brighter.